Thomas Sabo Royalty Star & Moon Hoop Earrings

A cosmic signpost: The filigree hoop rings with a sparkling star and crescent moon pendant in 3D-look show you the path to your dreams. They are delicately designed out of blackened 925 Sterling silver and decorated with facetted glass-ceramic stones, synthetic spinels and zirconia stones in dark and light blue, purple and white. The hoop earrings are in one piece and have a clip closing, which makes it easy to put them on. Their composition is inspired by the mystery of the night sky and the formation of the stars during special moments. They are therefore suitable as luck jewellery and as presents for special people.


925 Sterling Silver


Height approx. 2.90 cm (1.14 Inch)
Width approx. 1.60 cm (0.63 Inch)
International 2 year warranty valid from date of purchase