• H2149-051-14
  • H2149-051-14


Please note: The price of this article refers to a single item. If you want to order a pair, increase the order quantity to two pieces.

Soft like a summer breeze: This graphical ear stud creates an interesting dangling effect thanks to its bubble-design. Three balls are connected with light anchor chains – they move with every step you make. The top ball is embellished with a hand-set dazzling white zirconia stone. The ear stud is made from 925 Sterling silver and has a push back clasp. Buy it solo and create various ear-looks – From Curated-Ear to Mismatched-Styles.


Height approx. 4.00 cm (1.57 Inch)

Width approx. 0.40 cm (0.16 Inch)


925 Sterling Silver


International 2 year warranty valid from date of purchase