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  • H2130-051-14
  • H2130-051-14


Please note: The price of this article refers to a single item. If you want to order a pair, increase the order quantity to two pieces.

Define your own Curated-Ear-Trend with THOMAS SABO: This single ear stud adds to any look – from minimalistic to extravagant boho-inspired styles. You have all the options! Underline your personality with this 925 Sterling silver ear stud. The tiny sparkling white zirconia décor sets a soft highlight to your ear. Our tip: Complete your look with other earrings from the Charming Collection to define your individuality.


Height approx. 0.40 cm (0.16 Inch)

Width approx. 0.40 cm (0.16 Inch)


925 Sterling Silver


International 2 year warranty valid from date of purchase