• Chlobo Sunrise Peach Moonstone Ring Silver

Chlobo Sunrise Peach Moonstone Ring Silver

Absorb the sun’s rays as they light up the sky, energising us and empowering us to feel our best and brightest. Inspired by the sun’s many benefits, the Sunrise Peach Moonstone Ring illustrates the opportunity we have as the sun rises, to fill each day with love, harmony, growth & balance.

Peach Moonstone properties: Peach Moonstone is believed to be the stone of new beginnings and good luck, as well as helping to bring new opportunities into your life. The calming Peach Moonstone properties help ease emotions to bring about peace and harmony.


925 Sterling silver

Each piece of ChloBo Jewellery has been approved by AnchorCert Protect. AnchorCert Protects against all known metal allergens, making it safe for your skin, even if you already have allergies.


To keep your Chlobo piece looking its best, we recommend avoiding contact with cosmetics, such as perfumes, tans and lotions.