Ti Sento Set 4859SY


Meet this TI SENTO festive set featuring the TI SENTO closed-forever gold-plated bracelet and a luxurious cosmic jewellery roll. This gold-plated bracelet is a radiant masterpiece that seamlessly marries timeless design with contemporary elegance. Crafted with love, the closed-forever design features interlocking links that symbolise unbreakable bonds, making it a meaningful and sentimental addition to your jewellery collection. This luxurious bracelet is crafted from the highest quality 925 sterling silver and then plated with yellow gold for an opulent and warm touch. As a special highlight of this exclusive festive promotion, the festive jewellery roll is offered as a complimentary gift from TI SENTO! This beautifully designed roll features celestial elements, including the moon, sun, and constellations, making it a unique and enchanting accessory for storing and transporting your precious jewellery. Discover a world of elegance and radiance with this exclusive promotion – the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.


925 Sterling Silver

Yellow Gold Plated

  • £149.00